Truchard Vineyard

Truchard Vineyard lies in the heart of Carneros, prized for its rolling hills, sun exposure and cool, breezy conditions that allow long, even ripening. Nickel & Nickel makes wine from five select acres of this 270-acre vineyard, composed of volcanic ash and rock with a southwestern exposure. The growing season tends to be long in the cooler climate, allowing for fully mature fruit at harvest.

Dyer Vineyard

Nestled in the hills of Carneros, Dyer Vineyard is planted on a northwest-facing hillside receiving excellent sun exposure. The climate is relatively cool and the fruit is slow to ripen, allowing for a long hang time. The soils are composed of clay loam and the slope lends itself to good drainage. The rootstock and clonal selection at this site are the perfect match for the vineyard and the flavors develop with great intensity. Nickel & Nickel produces Syrah from just four acres of this 30-acre vineyard.

Suscol Ranch

The nine-acre Suscol Ranch vineyard is located in Jamieson Canyon, south of the city of Napa. The area is very cool, with dense fog early in the season and windy conditions all year long. The vines are planted on a gentle, north-facing knoll of deep, loamy soil and are cordon trained to give the grapes maximum sun exposure. The cool conditions allow the fruit to mature slowly, gracefully developing flavors and mature tannins.