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It’s Not Too Late for 2011 Futures!

by on September 10, 2012

We have extended our 2011 Futures offering through the end of October—a terrific opportunity to purchase your favorite Single-Vineyard Cabernets at current release prices.

Plus, if you purchase three or more 6-bottle boxes of wine, you are automatically entered in the Thief Program. You will receive a beautifully etched glass thief and two opportunities* to sample your wines from barrel with three of your friends. Contact Julie  Zanze at or (707) 967-9600 for more information.

 *Please contact us in advance to arrange your tasting.


Responses to It’s Not Too Late for 2011 Futures!

  • I would definitely be interested in purchasing futures, would you tell me more about this. For instance, what Single Vineyards are offered in the Futures?
    Thanks, pam

  • Trent Robinett says on

    I wanted to check on 2011 futures. I think I purchased 2010 futures.

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