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The Fine Art of Giving Fine Wine

by on November 12, 2012

A gift of wine is one of the best ways to say thank you to your host or hostess, and our online gift catalog features several gift ideas that will delight anyone at the Thanksgiving table.

The Single-Vineyard Trio package is perfect for Cabernet lovers and features three bottles of single-vineyard wine from three heralded AVAs: 2009 C.C. Ranch Cabernet from Rutherford, 2009 Sullenger Cabernet from Oakville, and 2009 State Ranch Cabernet from Yountville.

For a gift package that will complement each course in a meal, consider Cheers, which contains the 2009 State Ranch Cabernet, 2010 Truchard Chardonnay and 2007 Dolce.

It doesn’t stop there—the catalog is filled with wine gift ideas sure to delight all the aficionados on your list. Each gift package is linked for easy online ordering, or for personal assistance call Nickel & Nickel at (707) 967-9600.


Signs of the Season

by on November 11, 2012

When the temperatures dip and the skies have more gray than blue to them, our minds turn to Cabernet. It’s a natural reaction—one that, perhaps, you share. The mere thought of a hearty, red wine paired with a filling meal can have a warming effect.

If you’re planning a trip to Napa Valley this winter—and trust us, December and January are wonderful months to visit the valley with much lighter traffic and easy reservations at your favorite restaurants and wineries—give us a call. We’ll set you up for a tour and tasting, which will include a selection of (you guessed it) our single-vineyard Cabernets.

In the meantime, enjoy these images of fall at Nickel & Nickel. The skies may be grayer and the temps chillier, but there is still plenty of beauty to enjoy in the Napa Valley!

Bulbs are ready for planting—stay tuned for a springtime burst of color!

Our horses enjoy the good life: Mariah, the Paint on the left, is a retired barrel racing and pleasure trail horse; Aria is a Swedish Warm Blood and is a retired competitive dressage horse.

Morning Glory intertwines with the last of summer’s pole beans in the vegetable garden.

Our olive trees are heavy with fruit destined for the olive oil press and Chef Trevor’s kitchen.

Speaking of presses, this gorgeous color comes from Cabernet in our basket press.

The Sullenger Vineyard vines are preparing for dormancy.

A familiar view to our visitors: Sullenger House and the shapes and colors of the season. 


Fall-time Planting for Your Spring-time Visit

by on November 9, 2012

It’s the time of the year when we go underground. The bulbs are here and in force. Our November planting will sustain three-plus months of flowering this spring along Highway 29 in front of the Nickel & Nickel property.  This year we have two all-season mixes: one consisting of blues, lavenders and purples, and the other a blend of many different reds and yellows. The idea is to have a longer bloom cycle rather than have everything go all at once. But there are a few surprises in the mix; I can’t give up all my secrets! You’ll just have to come pay us a visit this spring.

A preview of what we will be enjoying this spring.

The show will begin in early March and carries into the end of May. Throughout the spring flowering, we’ll enjoy a procession of non-stop narcissus and daffodils, creating a sea of gold among the towering tulips. The contrast between the beautiful Nickel & Nickel backdrop and the extensive planted bed in front is truly show-stopping. This is what I call curb appeal to the maximum.

There is one more part to this magical display. I have handcrafted a custom, wildflower blend to top-dress in late November, saturating the soils beneath the tulips and daffodils, creating a carpet of green. Once the bulbs have had their months in the spotlight, the wildflowers will take full command and color, reaching ever higher. The show must go on…


The Nickel & Nickel Barns: For the Love of History—and Single-Vineyard Wines

by on November 2, 2012

Nickel & Nickel winery came about through the love of winemaking in our hand-crafted, attentive-to-every-detail, leave-nothing-to-chance style. We pride ourselves in being “wine geeks.”

When we began restoration of our historic 19th century Oakville farmstead, we added our trio of significant barns, each with its own particular magic and purpose. The two fermentation barns are constructed using old post-and-beam, mortise and tenon construction methods, with architecture inspired by old dairy barns. The barns house an assortment of small, custom-sized, open and closed-top stainless tanks, which handle the many small lots of wine that come from our harmonious collection of vineyards.

Post-and-beam, mortise and tenon construction add beauty and a sense of history to the interior view of our South Fermentation Barn. 

The third barn is regarded as our crown jewel—a beautiful, hand-hewn barn that was built in the Colony of New Hampshire (yep – pre-Revolutionary War!). We went back to New England in search of a wonderful barn to restore and add to our farmstead. We found the tired, old barn, had it restored and then shipped it cross country to be re-assembled by the crew of Vermonters who make up The Barn People—a company which rescues and preserves these wonderful American treasures and helped us find the right building to round out our farmstead.

The exterior of the restored Gleason Barn

The Gleason Barn beautifully captures the historical and the modern, with the hand-hewn, centuries-old beams–now housing the enology lab and winemaking offices.

We hope you can visit Nickel & Nickel when you are next in Napa Valley to see our marvelous interpretation of a state-of-the-art-winery within our historic and beautiful farm.