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A Taste of Napa Valley, at Home: The Estate Collection Dinner Party

on November 10, 2015


The Estate Collection holds a special place in our hearts. A little bit Russian River, a whole lotta Napa Valley, it’s a small taste of what we grow and make, from our family of wineries. Inspired by the wines in this classic four-bottle boxed set, Executive Chef Trevor Eliason created this festive four-course menu, recipes included. Full of rich autumn favorites, it’s perfect for a hungry table of six (although the hearty recipes could easily be stretched to accommodate eight)!

Four Wines + Four Recipes = A Complete Dinner Party (more…)


Watch: Roasted Lamb and Nickel & Nickel State Ranch Cabernet

on December 10, 2012

Enjoy this short video featuring Chef Trevor, a beautiful leg of lamb, colorful vegetables and State Ranch Cabernet. This visual feast will surely inspire you to make your own! For the complete recipe, click here.



on March 1, 2012

What little winter we had here in Napa Valley is quickly slipping away from us, and spring is nipping at our heels. Tulips and daffodils peak through the earth after their long slumber displaying springs vibrant colors all around Nickel & Nickel.

This year we have decided to dedicate the entire garden at Nickel & Nickel to fresh herbs of every kind. Wonderful sweet herbs like tarragon, cilantro, chervil, parsley and chives, which pair so well with Chardonnay and are a great additions to any dish. Hearty, robust herbs like thyme, rosemary and oregano will make the garden an aromatic experience and are wonderful for marinating meats and fish. With our estate beehives awake and the bees hungry, our garden will soon be propagated and we will have delicious honey. Everyone wins!

Time to break out the barbecue that has been hibernating, open some Syrah or Zinfandel and grill up some nicely marinated meats and vegetables. We will be spending many hours with our hands in the dirt over the next few weeks getting everything planted, but the bounty we receive is so rewarding, it hardly seems like work.


Crab Season

on December 15, 2011

One of my favorite seasonal bounties is finally here: Dungeness crab is hitting the docks, and the quality is superb.

I grew up along the Humboldt Bay, and the annual Dungeness season was an exciting time. Not only did we get to enjoy all the great crab, but it also supported a large piece of the community. Having a good crab season meant having a good Christmas for many families.

Our family would get together for a crab boil every year. We would boil about 15 crabs outside in my grandmother’s giant pot. Just a piece of advice for any of you that may try this: cooking crab outside is the way to go. If you cook inside, the smell will linger in your house for days.

We would cover a large table with layers of newspaper, no plates or platters and limited silverware. Alongside the whole crabs, we always had roasted red potatoes, grilled artichokes, hard boiled eggs, corn on the cob, heads of roasted garlic, drawn butter, aioli, lemons and lots of napkins. Everything was spread out on the table for everyone to enjoy. This type of feast is perfect for some cold Nickel & Nickel or Far Niente Chardonnay of your choice and lots of it. We all sat around the table talking, cracking crab and eating with our hands.

There are two types of crab eaters: The Pickers and The Pilers. The Pickers eat the crab as they crack it, a little at a time. The latter focuses on cracking and building a pile of crab in front of them until they cannot resist any longer and dive in. If you’re a Piler, don’t get up from the table with crab in front of you or it will disappear by the time you return!

After the meal, when the table is always in an apocalyptic state and you feel like you need to be hosed off in the front yard, all we had to do is roll up the newspaper and drop it into the bin.

I still carry on this tradition every year, and I always like to invite a friend that has not partaken in such a feast. It takes a moment to embrace the idea, but the end result is always total bliss.

As I sit in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on this blog, the sweet aroma of just-baked cookies (Russian tea cookies, short dough, ginger bread, snicker doodles, chocolate chip, peanut butter crunch and brandied cherry pecan fudgy brownies) lingers in the air. I must say the kitchen smells pretty amazing right now. I think I’ve eaten a pound of cookie dough today.

Enjoy your holidays!

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