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Nickel & Nickel Gardens—Connecting the Past to the Present

on May 23, 2013

Nickel & Nickel garden

An abundance of texture and color lead to the Sullenger House entrance.

The grounds of our 1870s-era gentleman’s farmstead here in the Napa Valley are planted with the same flowers that may have flourished on this bucolic country estate more than a century ago. A stroll in the rose gardens, surrounded by the architecture of a bygone era, is enough to overwhelm you with a sense of time travel. A palette of soft pastel blues, lavenders, pinks and purples blanket the beds around the Sullenger house and main entrance to the winery. Blue and white Victoria Salvias are ready to push their spires ever higher above the waves of petunias, rising like candelabras.

Working together with my team and Mother Nature, we form a path connecting the past to the present, with a keen eye to the future. Please join us in the gardens as the days of summer saunter in.


The Nickel & Nickel Barns: For the Love of History—and Single-Vineyard Wines

on November 2, 2012

Nickel & Nickel winery came about through the love of winemaking in our hand-crafted, attentive-to-every-detail, leave-nothing-to-chance style. We pride ourselves in being “wine geeks.”

When we began restoration of our historic 19th century Oakville farmstead, we added our trio of significant barns, each with its own particular magic and purpose. The two fermentation barns are constructed using old post-and-beam, mortise and tenon construction methods, with architecture inspired by old dairy barns. The barns house an assortment of small, custom-sized, open and closed-top stainless tanks, which handle the many small lots of wine that come from our harmonious collection of vineyards.

Post-and-beam, mortise and tenon construction add beauty and a sense of history to the interior view of our South Fermentation Barn. 

The third barn is regarded as our crown jewel—a beautiful, hand-hewn barn that was built in the Colony of New Hampshire (yep – pre-Revolutionary War!). We went back to New England in search of a wonderful barn to restore and add to our farmstead. We found the tired, old barn, had it restored and then shipped it cross country to be re-assembled by the crew of Vermonters who make up The Barn People—a company which rescues and preserves these wonderful American treasures and helped us find the right building to round out our farmstead.

The exterior of the restored Gleason Barn

The Gleason Barn beautifully captures the historical and the modern, with the hand-hewn, centuries-old beams–now housing the enology lab and winemaking offices.

We hope you can visit Nickel & Nickel when you are next in Napa Valley to see our marvelous interpretation of a state-of-the-art-winery within our historic and beautiful farm.


Gleason Barn: First Impressions

on June 14, 2012

“Gorgeous”, “stunning”, “fabulous”, “brilliant execution”—these oohs and aahs from our guests when they first enter the Gleason Barn are always the highlight of my day. Since the Wine Club department moved into the Gleason Barn last winter, I’ve enjoyed hearing the repeated gasps and first reactions from visitors.

Our winery tours begin at the Sullenger House, a restored, 1884 Queen Anne-style home, and include a walk through the historic Nickel & Nickel farmstead, including the fermentation barns and underground barrel aging cellar. But the highlight for many of our guests seems to be the Gleason Barn.

Originally built circa 1770 in Meriden, New Hampshire by the Gleason family, the 3,000 square-foot pre-Revolutionary War-era hay barn was spared demolition by its purchase in 2001. After two years spent dismantling the barn, designing blueprints, restoring and saving the wood beams, the barn was shipped in pieces to Nickel & Nickel and reconstructed in 2003 to house our winemaking offices, laboratory, and now, finally, our wine club offices.

Nothing else says rustic elegance like a beautiful barn, and the wide open spaces inherent to the structures are perfect for our offices and entertaining. We host many of our wine club events in the barn, and also other private wine events for corporate groups. Next time you’re in the Gleason Barn, be sure to look up at the loft area and say “hi” to the wine club girls.