Nickel & Nickel Single-Vineyard Cabernet Futures

Thief Club

Enthusiasts of our wines and wine futures are rewarded with membership in our Thief Club, with any 18-bottle futures purchase. Club members receive a commemorative glass “wine thief” – an instrument winemakers use to siphon wine from barrels – etched with the Nickel & Nickel logo. Members also have two complimentary opportunities to visit Nickel & Nickel over the next several months and taste the wines from barrel that they reserved, charting the progress and evolution of the wines.

The following spring, when the new vintage is ready to taste, Thief Club members are invited back to Nickel & Nickel for a complimentary preview barrel tasting of the new Napa Cabernets, followed by a festive, family-style lunch prepared by our executive chef to celebrate the new vintage. This event is by invitation for Thief Club members.

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