Fermentation Barns

North BarnThe fermentation barns are the only newly constructed buildings at the site. The 5,800 square-foot north fermentation barn is built with reclaimed, century-old fir beams and features traditional American barn-building methods. The wood-frame barn has been assembled using age-old techniques of hand-joinery for post and beam construction that were common in antiquity. Yet, the barn houses a modern winery equipped to hand craft the wine from each individual Napa Valley vineyard. Features include:

  • A structure comprised of 450 century-old fir beams reclaimed from sites throughout North America, fashioned in post-and-beam, mortise-and-tenon construction
  • 400 wooden pegs known as "trunnels," which hold the structure together and which were driven by hand using wooden mallets known as "beetles"
  • Creative engineering, enabling this barn to meet seismic building codes while preserving its 19th century style 
  • Night-flow air regulating the barn’s temperature; louvers automatically open or close throughout the day and night to maintain the proper temperature
  • Western red cedar board and batten siding
  • South Barn
  • Exterior stone wainscot, fashioned from hand cut and chiseled limestone and volcanic tuff
  • Traditional galvanized tin corrugated roof
  • 21st century equipment uniquely suited to custom making small-lot, single-vineyard wines, including 26 computer and temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks in three sizes; floating aluminum catwalks; utilities; night flow air ventilation; state-of-the-art work and aesthetic lighting
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